Fire-resistant post and beam facades

For manufacturing of these elements we use – both for external and internal elements – special facade profiles with an appropriate number of special inserts that decide about fire resistance of aluminium elements in accordance with the guidelines of product documents. Manufacturing and assembling of elements of EI fire resistance takes place strictly as per technical approvals and guidelines of the Building Research Institute for these elements.

The maximum allowed sizes of fire resistance elements, construction divisions, type and thickness of fillings, etc. are strictly defined by relevant documents (technical approvals, etc.).
Each element of EI fire resistance is smoke-tight.
Depending on product classification criteria and functions it is to fulfil, ALSAL has the following post and beam facades in its offer:

  1. Fire resistance class of curtain walls:

    • EI 15
    • EI 30
    • EI 45
    • EI 60

  2. Architectural form

    • EI post and beam façade with external pressure and masking strips holding glass (visible from the outside)
    • EI post and beam façade without external pressure and masking strips (only glass and silicon visible from the outside) – interspaces between individual glass forms are filled with special silicon.

  3. Thermal requirements:

    • No requirements
    • Standard requirements

At the same time, elements manufactured by us take into consideration the requirements of relevant standards and regulations concerning:

    1. 1. Resistance to wind load
    1. 2. Air permeability
    1. 3. Fire retardation
    1. 4. Watertightness
    1. 5. Impact resistance
    1. 6. Resistance to weather influences
    1. 7. Strength requirements
    1. 8. Heat permeability
    1. 9. Acoustic properties
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