The used technologies and our machinery stock along with the possessed skills let us fulfil
our clients’ orders, both when using system solutions as well as highly-customized specialist
and often complex projects.

We manufacture modern glazed elevations of office buildings and houses, spatial
constructions and roof glazing that ensure appropriate lighting of the interior and enhance
aesthetic properties of the building. We also manufacture various elements of building
developments that play the role of compartmentation of fire zones and allow for
appropriate conditions of people’s evacuation.

We install blinds and sun breakers that play decorative and practical functions and
contribute to a decrease of building running costs by reducing the overheating of rooms.
We design and build winter gardens as well as terrace, balcony and veranda shelters, and
glass canopies, using available aluminium systems and types of glass. We offer various types
of light and durable development elements and spatial glass constructions to clients looking
for aesthetic and functional solutions for their internal space.

We manufacture various aluminium-glass and wholly glazed curtain and partition walls,
glazed boxes, showcases and display cabinets. The complementation of our offer is the
assemblage of panel and cell raster suspended ceilings of a diverse range of colours and
formats as well as glass and stainless railings.


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